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The Last Pope is HERE!!!

The last Pope is here now!!!

The 112th Pope

Lightning strikes the Vatican the day the 111th Pope resigns...

making way for the evil Pope

The Pope who is the false prophet from the book of Revelation

 who helps the antichrist rise to power

 Is now in the Vatican!!!

Satan's Seat in the Vatican

Background with Jesus being tortured in Hell

This Pope will be in Power during 

 Nuclear World War 3

The nuclear destruction of Damascus Isaiah 17 prophecy


The supernatural vanishing out of harms way

 of all believers in Jesus whose names are written in the Book of Life because they believe and have repented

along with ALL young  children  from every Nation

The rise of the antichrist

The Great 7 year Tribulation...God's judgements on those left behind

Two thirds of mankind will be destroyed during this period

The destruction of Rome

Jesus returns with His Raptured Saints for the battle of Armageddon

Pope Francis was elected as Pope on 


The white smoke was spotted at 7:06

6 O'clock + 66 minutes!!!


Revelation 13 speaks of this coming False Prophet