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If you are LEFT BEHIND!!


Not all Christians will be removed at the Rapture...only those who have repented and are living according to the commandments...and who are constantly talking to Jesus through prayer

        Luke warm Christians who feel too proud to ask      forgiveness for their sins or who still commit sin in any   form will be left behind to go through the tribulation

Very soon the Rapture will occur...the term 'you won't know the day or hour' is only used for one of the Jewish Feasts...the Feast of Trumpets...where in Jewish tradition the groom comes for his bride...this is the next Feast in order that Jesus is yet to fulfill...and will be when the Rapture happens

Sept 2015 is the next watch period

Once the Church is removed along with the Holy Spirit literally all hell will break out on earth

The Antichrist Obama will be the President of the UN 

Wars will break out around the world

  Islam...Satan's army ...will be unleashed

Anyone not submitting to Islam will be beheaded!!

30,000 Guillotines are now in America

Obama the Antichrist is a Sunni Muslim

You will convert or die!!

If you have been left behind it was because you either didn't believe in Jesus or you were a luke warm Christian

Your name was NOT written in the Book of Life!!

If you had died you would be in hell for now have the chance to have your name in The Book by asking Jesus to forgive your sins

You will now have 7 years of God's anger on those left behind and come under the rule of the Antichrist

You can still be saved by immediately getting on your knees and asking Jesus to forgive your sins and come into your life

Pray always and continue living according to the commandments

Do NOT take the mark of the Beast...probably an RFID chip to buy and sell goods...if you take the mark there will be NO forgiveness and you will spend eternity in the Lake of Fire

Do NOT convert to Islam or bow down to Obama even if it means being beheaded

Beheading has no pain...your brain has no connection to your nerves and you will immediately be in Paradise

Read Revelation...there is a special blessing for anyone who reads the entire book